Solar energy is a rapidly expanding industry and thanks to innovative leaps in battery storage technology in recent years, it’s now more viable than ever.

For those who aren’t yet in the loop, a solar battery is essentially just that – a battery that stores power generated by your solar panels. In the past, solar energy that was not immediately used by your household would be transferred into the energy grid, however, if your home has a storage battery installed, this energy can now be stored for use later on.

STOREDGE by SolarEdge

Optimise SolarEdge Installations with StorEdge

Combining SolarEdge’s breakthrough solar inverter technology with leading battery storage systems, the StorEdge DC-coupled solution is powered by a single inverter and offers higher energy production, advanced safety, and panel-level visibility.

More Energy

  • DC-coupled solution for high system efficiency
  • Solar energy is stored directly in the battery
  • No additional conversions from AC to DC and back to AC
  • Panel-level power optimisation for higher energy yield


Simple Design & Installation

  • A single, smart inverter for both solar and storage
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation
  • No special wires are required — utilises the same PV cables


Full Visibility and Easy Maintenance

  • Monitor battery status, solar production, and self-consumption data from SolarEdge’s monitoring platform
  • Remote diagnostics and firmware upgrades to both inverter and battery
  • Immediate onsite verification for battery connection and configuration


Advanced Safety

  • Solar array and battery voltage designed to automatically reduce to touch-safe voltage upon AC shut down
  • Compliant with the most advanced safety regulations