About Us

At Xceed Solar our customers come first!

At Xceed Solar, we know that every household and business is different.  Our team will take the time to understand your needs as our customer and ensure that your renewable energy future is in safe hands. We will tailor the right package to suit your specific needs. We don’t believe in one size system fits all and have selected some of the best products on the market to offer incomparable product and system performance, as well as longevity.

The team at Xceed Solar have been carefully selected based on a true passion for renewable energy.  We are driven by helping our customers understand how investing in renewable energy will significantly reduce your power bills whilst protecting our environment for future generations. Our aim is to make your transition to renewables as easy and cost effective as possible.  Each installation will be carefully thought out and individually designed to our customer’s needs. We are committed to selecting and using only the best solar technologies that can deliver continuous, long-lasting energy yields, maximizing the use of our natural energy resources.

  • We are local professionals that care
  • We have our own in house installation team
  • Up to 10 year Workmanship Warranty on installs
  • CEC Accredited Installers
  • Our team have exceptional knowledge and expertise
  • We offer a friendly, personable service
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed!

Solar power is clean, renewable and cost effective

Take control of your energy bills.

The power to save is all around you.


The ultimate and on-going financial benefit from solar power is a reduced electricity bill. Some of our clients have seen up to a 75% reduction in their monthly electricity costs thanks to solar. A solar system will offset any of the variable charges on your bill, whether they are Energy, Network, Environmental or Market/Ancillary charges. On top of this, solar can impact and potentially reduce Demand and Capacity charges under your Network costs – this is however dependent on your tariff structure from your retailer. 

Solar will deliver month-on-month and year-on-year savings on your bill thanks to the long term warranties that accompany your system.